Fuel Cards

At J R Financial, we not only provide full-service factoring, but also make trucking expenses manageable by providing fuel cards.

Fuel costs can take up a big portion of your company’s operating expenses and are often thought to be geared towards trucking companies with more than one truck. Our fuel cards are different because we give everyone the same great fuel discounts. We want to be the best fuel card discount givers for truckers, regardless of how many trucks they have. Our customers enjoy significant discounts at major fuel centers across Canada by using our discount fuel cards.


What Does A Fuel Card Do?


You control who can use the fuel card, what it can buy, how much it can buy, and where it can buy.


Enjoy the savings the fuel card provider has negotiated with a variety of truck stop partners.


You can see every transaction associated with that fuel card; nothing is hidden.

Easy to Use

Fuel cards function like a credit card – swipe, punch in numbers, get receipt, and go.

Fuel Cards For Trucking

J R Financial offers the best fuel cards for trucking in Mississauga. We strive to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations by offering fuel cards that do much more than simply saving money at the filling station. Call us to find out why our fuel cards for trucking, as well as our other services have made us a leader in the trucking industry.

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